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Mun Name: TLvop
Mun e-mail: tigerlily_e AT Hotmail DOT com
Character Name: Darcy Lewis, tased_lightning
Character Canon: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Weapons: None. (Her WIT.)
Possessions: Glasses. Slipper socks. Jeans (pockets: a crumpled five pound note, four pence, a candy wrapper, and a receipt that's relatively unreadable after having been washed. A couple stray bobby pins.). Underwear (no bra). A big fluffy sweater. Basically, some pretty normal I-have-no-pajamas pajamas.


Darcy Lewis demands to be taken seriously. This is somewhat at odds with how she acts, which is irreverent and overall very much as a stereotypical 20-something. But she's sharply observant, incisively intelligent, and she knows it. Darcy speaks the truth as she sees it, whether you are Captain America or Joe Schmoe. That doesn't mean she's always right, obviously – she has her own biases, and she rarely has a handle on all of the relevant information in a situation.

Darcy takes the world in as an observer, always seeing herself as a half-step removed from the action. She's willing to step in and get her hands dirty, if necessary, but the if necessary freaks her out a little. She cares deeply for people, and often shows this through bossy management of their food and sleep schedules.

As a political scientist, and sci-fi/fantasy nerd (without actually being too up-to-date on the relevant science behind it), Darcy has a lot of opinions about things like Star Trek and Star Wars. For example, she's a Star Wars girl – just enough ridiculous explosions to ignore the illogic. She doesn't believe the world of Star Trek is feasibly sustainable, and it creeps her out that humanity has remained at peace for so long.

She's not going to poke too hard at the conspiracy she's sure exists, though. Or… at least not at first. She'd rather get home safe and sound, and deal with any of the conspiracies her world has waiting for her.

The more people need Darcy, the more ditzy-cheerful-forceful she gets; she can become an almost caricature of herself in an attempt to get things done and not worry anyone. It's going to be interesting to me to throw her into a situation where she has no set responsibilities, and see how she handles it both emotionally and practically.

She'll be coming in just-post Thor 2 (her sample thread has her coming in the week before, but rewatching the movie made me realize Ten Forward would have changed her reactions significantly).

Sample [Steve Rogers' EP can be found by "parent tag"]
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Canons knows well:

Star Wars Expanded Universe (including the KOTOR games) -- this is more variable as there is SO MUCH CANON and she doesn't ahve an encyclopedic memory or anything.
Jane Austen novels

Canon knows less well:
James Bond movies
Lord of the Rings movies
First Jurassic Park movie
Harry Potter movies
The Usual Suspects
Princess Bride movie
Star Trek: TNG (very vaguely)
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Post-Thor millicanon:

1) First goes to help Jane and be her science sidekick!
2) A couple months in (presumably after everything is organized, Jane gets an actual science sidekick, and SHIELD stops freaking out so hard about Thor), she gets transferred to being Coulson's business sidekick!
3) Do not get between this girl and her paperwork. It will get nasty.
4) Or her iPod.
5) Or her espresso.
6) Or basically any of her things.


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