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Name:Darcy Lewis
Location:New Mexico, United States of America
Basically, I'm the normal one.


Darcy is 5'4, caucasian, has long brown hair, and is a rising senior polisci major in college. She'll be an internet student, come fall. She's fluent (w/noticeable but not information-distorting accent) in French. It's no big thing.

Ten Forward
Darcy is 5'4, Caucasian, has long brown hair, and graduated with her degree in polisci a couple years ago. She's currently living in England, and her fluency in French is faltering out of semi-disuse. Aliens recently came out of the sky for the third time in her life, she hooked up with her co-intern, promptly realized that just-post-aliens is the absolute worst time for relationship building, and is trying not to spend too much time worrying that the sky will open again. She doesn't sleep that great at night, but she has a lot of interesting ideas if you want to talk.

She's from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is a comic book based movie universe where superheroes show up every six-twelve months to fight off aliens and/or supervillains and/or terrorists. The tone of the world is overall hopeful, even though some individual characters -- Darcy included -- are somewhat pessimistic.

OOC: Darcy Lewis belongs to Marvel, I guess? She doesn't belong to me! I make no profit off of her, and play her only for fun.

Note: Darcy is a casual geek, from the early 21st century! She has a habit of referencing things both in her narration and speech, though not the extent of, say, young!Andrew Wells. She's not likely to canon-puncture anyone, and if it ever seems to be a danger I will ping you first. As she is a casual geek (games, movies, primarily), please let me know if you would prefer she not know your character's canon if it is not mainstream. I'm putting together a list of canons she knows here.

Feel free to contact me by AIM, or comment :). I am often invisible on AIM, and get offline messages, so just ping me and I'll get back eventually.
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